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Nutrition for Better Healing and Health

Since Dr. Steve co-founded the California Implant Institute’s Surgical Program in 2012, he has overseen over 3000 surgical implant surgeries. His observations confirm what the research shows…NUTRITION MATTERS!

Osteopenia (weak bones) affects about half of American’s over the age of 50. In the mouth, weak bones affect teeth and dental implants. Everyone’s bones get weaker as we get older but certain choices and habits accelerate the process. One of most important factors is insufficient bone nutrition which includes calcium and vitamin D3. Other factors include smoking, drinking too much alcohol, certain medications (corticosteroids and anti convulsants) and insufficient weight bearing exercise (30 minutes on most days). Women are far more likely to have low bone density than men, but it is no longer viewed solely as a woman’s condition. About one third of white and asian men over 50 are affected. The percentages for hispanic men (23%) and black men (19%) are lower but still sizable.

Studies are also showing that the younger, computer gaming population is also at risk. Bone strength is determined early in life, before age 30. If young people are not getting proper bone nutrition, they risk not realizing their potential for maximum bone density later in life. Other factors include insufficient physical activity and decreased sun exposure (a major source of Vitamin D3) and diets low in dairy.

There is a growing trend of dentists using CBCT Scans of the head and neck to screen for low bone mineral density (weak bones) using the body of the second cervical vertebrae. Many researchers feel that dentists can use these findings to aid with early diagnosis before patients have problems with disease progression.

The best source of nutrition is through the diet, however, most people have nutritional deficiencies. If you aren’t getting 8-10 servings of vegetables per day (5 different colors) you may have deficiencies. Please click here to see our recommended high quality, pharmaceutical grade affordable supplements.

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