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All-on-4 Implant Clinic Travel Arrangements

Level 1 Implant Clinic Travel Arrangements

Plan on being at the clinic for the whole day. Start by eating a good breakfast before you leave, if you take prescription medicine for your heart, make sure you take it before leaving for surgery. Very important!! Come to the offices at 4690 Genesee Avenue and check in with the front desk. Tuesday-Friday cash onlv non-refundable charge per person, this must be paid to the shuttle service on your scheduled departure day. You may bring a guest, however an additional $100.00 would be charged. We ask that you park your car in the church parking lot which is the 2 nd driveway on Mt. Herbert (just past ours).

Passport is best or 2 forms of Identification, a birth certificate with your driver license or military ID will be fine. We ask that you bring a small cooler with soft foods and drinks for after surgery (protein shake, applesauce, yogurt…) there is a microwave for you to use, so you can bring soup or other soft microwavable foods.

Surgery times are not known in advance, patients are not able to request appointment times. Instructors will meet with the doctors in the morning to go over patients scheduled for that day and then assign them to the dentists that are best for their particular case.

There is Wi-Fi. If you bring any chargers for phones, computers etc.., please tag it with your name and don’t forget it in Mexico! *Dress in layers, the clinic is close to the ocean and it can get cool. If you are one to get chilly, make sure you bring a small blanket as we do not supply them.

All-on-4 Implant Clinic Travel Arrangements

Welcome! We are so glad you are a part of our All-on-4 clinic located at Rancho Santini K-40 in Rosarito, Mexico. The clinic will be Tuesday through Saturday. You will be scheduled I day if you are 1 arch and 2 days if we are seeing you for both. You will need to make arrangements to spend the night in Mexico 1 night if we are seeing you again the next day. Or you can come down on shuttle again next day an additional $100.00 will apply. It is recommended that you make prior arrangements to stay at the hotel listed below as soon as possible. If you are taking the shuttle there will be a $100.00 cash only non-refundable charge that must be paid in full to the shuttle service that day. You will need to come to 4690 Genesee Ave by 9:00 a.m. on the morning you will be leaving, if you are scheduled on a Saturday arrive at 8:00 a.m. if you are driving yourself arrive no later than 11:30 a.m at the facility. Bring all personal items with you from the hotel on your last day of surgery as the shuttle will be leaving straight from the clinic.

If you would like to get temporary dentures made ahead of time you can do so at our office please call 858-560-9696 to schedule your appointment. Here is the phone number of a bed & breakfast and hotel closest to our clinic, California Implant Institute Baja is not responsible for making hotel arrangements for you. Thank you, and we looking forward to seeing you there.

Kathleen Scott (949) 340-0615(Landline) HaciendaRanchoSantini.com(Website)
bajakathleen@yahoo.com (Email)
Las Rocas Resort and Spa (866) 445-8909

If you need to spend the night in San Diego you must make arrangements yourself.

*Please leave small children and pets at home

If you are scheduled for one of our upcoming clinics we will need for you to fill out patient registration and medical history.

Please go to our website hurstdentalcare.com on the home page scroll down, you will see where it says forms-click on patient registration packet. Please fill out the additional forms and send back as soon as possible to hurstdentalcare@gmail.com