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Please watch all 5 of these short videos before calling:

Part 1: How can the California Implant Institute offer free dental implants?

Part 2: Do I really need a CT scan to receive free dental implants?

Part 3: Why does the Free Dental Implant Program take place in Baja?

Part 4: What about the teeth?

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Office Fees for Implant Restorations

free dental implants in san diego

What are dental implants and are they really FREE?

Dental implants are fixtures made out of titanium that are placed within the bone with great precision. When fully integrated with surrounding bone a dental implant serves as a root of a missing tooth. The implant then provides support for the final restoration (a bridge, crown or denture). They've become so popular over the years because they go in easy, work so well and last so long. No other tooth replacement option comes close. However, implants are very expensive, $2000 apiece on average and for this reason most people settle for less than the very best modern dentistry has to offer. Well you don't have to! The California Implant Institute www.ImplantEducation.net has a program for FREE DENTAL IMPLANTS and we want to help YOU.

What is involved with getting an implant?

  1. The Treatment Planning Phase.
  2. This includes consultations, x-rays, 3-D digital image called a CT scan. The 3-D image is absolutely mandatory for all our patients. All patients have their surgery planned on the computer first which allows our doctors to provide you with the best possible care. In most offices this service will cost between $500- $1000. This cost will be $200. Please call our office at (858) 560-9696 to schedule a CT scan. They will send a copy to Dr. Steve and he will call you to discuss it and tell you how many implants you can have based on how much bone you have available. If you are not in San Diego, you can have a CT Scan done in your area and sent to Dr. Steve but it must be an ICAT Vision CT Scan. Please call 1 (800) 205-3570 and then press 0 for the operator to find the nearest ICAT Vision CT machine to where you live. The operator will answer between 8am - 5pm EST.

  3. The Surgical Phase.
  4. This includes placing the implant and any necessary bone or sinus grafts, extractions as well as after surgery checks. The comment we hear the most from our patients is "having my implant put in was much easier then having my tooth taken out." In most offices this service will cost between $2000-$2300 per implant. This phase is totally covered by the program and there is no cost to you regardless of how many implants you receive. It is not unusual for someone to receive 12 implants.

  5. The Restoration Phase.
  6. This phase takes place after the implants have healed for 4-9 months. Most people can start wearing a temporary to restore their smile after 2 weeks. The final restoraton phase includes placing an abutment and crown or a denture on the implant so you can use and enjoy it. This phase is NOT covered by the program but most dental insurances will help you with this cost. If you do not have dental insurance ask us about our program discount and patient financing. Many of our patients do not have the finances to restore their implants after 4-6 months of healing. That's ok... you can restore your implants when you're ready. While your waiting the implants are keeping the bone healthy.

    How can I get Free Implants?

    The California Implant Institute is looking for patients who need one or more dental implants.  Dr. Faraje is an internationally recognized implant educator and author of 3 implant textbooks.  Dentists travel from around the country to have the experience of treating patients with Dr. Faraje and learn his techniques.  These dentists are already licensed dentists and have had extensive implant education but pay tuition to participate in an externship under the direction of Dr. Faraje.  The doctors pay so you do not have to.  Don't feel bad for the doctors, they go back to their practices and charge their patients full price for the implant service you're getting for Free.  The California Implant Institute sponsors several of these externships each year.  You can learn more about the California Implant institute by going to www.ImplantEducation.net

    If you would like to be a patient and receive free implants please call to schedule a free evaluation and x-ray to see if you are qualified. You can reach Dr. Steve Hurst at 858-334-9021 with any questions you may have or schedule a free no obligation consultation by calling 858-560-9696. If you are from out of town please have a CT scan taken and forwarded to us with your name and phone number on it. It must be an "ICAT Vision CT Scan” to find the one nearest to you please call 800-205-3570. Click here to download a CT request form. If you would like to talk to some of our patients who have taken advantage of our FREE implant program we would be happy to supply you with their phone numbers. They're excited to share their experience and help others get help like they did.

    dental implants in san diego

    Where will my surgery take place?

    The Dental Board of California has very strict guidelines regarding who can treat patients in California. Our typical program will have 7-10 implant dentists from outside California. If an implant dentist is not licensed in California, they're not able to treat patients. For this reason, Dr. Faraje holds his implant externship in Baja at a beautiful oceanfront facility located 30 minutes south of the border. You will be driven by professional van service from Dr. Hurst's office in San Diego to the facility and back the same day. The van service is a separate company and they require a fee of $90 in cash for roundtrip transportation. Returning back to the U.S. is usually very easy due to the commercial van lane our patients get to use. Normally our patients are spending between 20 minutes to two hours in line but this can vary. You will need proper documentation to enter back into the U.S. A passport is best but your birth certificate and drivers license will work too. If you prefer to drive yourself no problem...we can give you easy to follow directions. One comment we hear from our patients is how beautiful and professional our implant facility is. We are excited for you to expericence it too!

    What happens after the surgery?

    Your surgery will be performed by the attending doctors under the direct supervision of the faculty of the California Implant Institute. Dr. Hurst will give you a prescription for any necessary medications and will be available by telephone or in his San Diego office should you have any questions after your surgery. He will see you two weeks after your surgery to remove sutures. In 4 - 6 months, return to Dr. Hurst for a post op check and to discuss the restorative phase. In many cases, dental insurance will cover a portion of the restoration. Dr. Hurst will be happy to aid you in any way should you choose to have your implant restorations placed by another dentist of your choosing.


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